All our stream and videography packages deliver high definition/4K resolution with broadcast quality audio 

We have tailored bespoke solutions for clients ranging from live streaming a club under 10's game to live inter-county sport with multiple cameras on a pay per view basis using our private hosting and payment infrastructure. 

For a comprehensive list of available options we offer, please click here 

We specialise in the live streaming and especially the recording of funeral services. We understand that the death of a loved one can be a major trauma and our experience has been that a carefully edited video documenting the funeral service brings considerable comfort to immediate family in subsequent weeks and months. We will have the completed recording delivered to our clients within 24 hours of the funeral service completing. For more details on packages, please click here

We offer a full range of wedding videography and streaming services, from single camera streams just from the church, to multicamera streams/recordings from the bride or grooms home as they get ready, the church, and into the late night! Click here for more information on packages.

General Streaming/Videography Packages

In the current Covid-19 climate, many clients wish to have events live streamed. While this is not always possible, due to the absence of a suitable and reliable Internet connection onsite, recording of an event is not only a viable solution, but also offers several advantages over live streaming, such as higher quality video production and better quality editing. Generally, a crew of one or two videographers will produce a video to a quality that would take a crew of 4-5 to produce for live stream. We have covered events such as:

- Interviews

- Promotional Videos

- Christmas lights Switch On

- Community Events

- Birthday Parties


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