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We specialise in providing professional live streaming and videography services for sporting events, christenings, funerals, and all other functions.

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Live Streaming

Live streaming services provided to all leading social media platforms for all types of events, whether sporting, community, or private. We offer a range of packages from a single professional camera based productions, to productions several live cameras, with graphics integrated and prerecorded video


In the current Covid-19 climate, many clients wish to have events live streamed. While this is not always possible, due to the absence of a suitable and reliable Internet connection onsite, recording and event is not only a viable solution, but also offers several advantage over live streaming, such as higher quality video production and better quality editing. Generally, a crew of one or two videographers will produce a video to a quality that would take a crew of 4-5 to produce for live stream. For time sensitive events, such as funerals, we always have the finished video delivered to our client within 24 hours.

Funeral Services

We specialise in the live streaming and especially the recording of funeral services. We understand that the death of a loved one can be a major trauma and our experience has been that a carefully edited video documenting the funeral service beings considerable comfort to immediate family in the subsequent weeks and months. If our client chooses to have a funeral recorded we will have the completed recording delivered to them within 24 hours.


About Us

Husband and Wife Team

We are husband and wife team whom, over time, have developed a passion for live streaming and videography. 

This passion was driven by being able to deliver some relief to our local community by broadcasting daily masses from early April to September 2020 during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

This work began to extend to funerals, sporting events, of other community virtual gatherings 


Recent Projects

A brief overview of some recent work



From Clients

Ann Kelly (Email)


Thank you so much for the very professional job you did on Mammy's funeral. I finally had time to sit down and watch it last night. It was a pretty emotional experience, but at the same time, it did give me relief. The entire funeral went by do quickly for me. Its great to have this so I can appreciate the lovely ceremony and eulogy delivered by Fr. McGuire. The music and editing is just superb. Thank you both again. You went above and beyond what was expected.

Cait Kenny (Facebook)


Brilliantly edit and produced. This is a fabulous addition to our archives for years to come. Thank you both so much Maria & Michael.

St. Aidan's GAA Club


Brilliant stuff thanks very much Michael!

Four Roads Ladies Football Club (Facebook)


Thank you Michael brilliant job.

Ashling Egan (Whatsapp)


Thank you Michael and Maria for doing such a great job on Damien's christening today. It meant so much to both our parents to feel like they were part of the ceremony. We really appreciate the lengths you went to get an Internet signal. Thanks again. Ashling

David Thompson (Whatsapp)

Event Promotion

Top class - great work Michael



Michael or Maria Carty

Ballyforan, Ballinasloe, Co. Roscommon

Michael 086 6096694

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