Image by Eli Solitas


MMCStreaming provide both live streaming and video recording of funeral services.

During the Covid-19 pandemic,  live streaming and video recording of funerals became very common due to size restrictions imposed on church gatherings, resulting in increased demand for live streaming services. This has since changed. Due to many churches not having the Internet speeds available to underpin a live stream, we started to record and edit funerals in a similar way to a wedding video, the result of which is a keepsake. The feedback we have received is that families are happy to have a very high quality video as a keepsake, but sometimes a stream is preferable due to travel constraints

While a funeral video is an excellent keep sake, they are situations where a live stream is more appropriate, such as when family members are away from home and cannot return for a funeral. We offer the following streaming packages. 


The stream includes the deceased being greeted into the church, the funeral service, and the deceased leaving the church. The service is streamed using professional grade audio and visual equipment. 

Cost €350


The silver package includes the contents of the bronze package, with the addition of multiple cameras and a photo presentation with music, which is representative of the deceased's life. The presentation is played before and after the funeral service in a video provided after the funeral. 

Cost €450


The gold package includes the contents of the silver package and includes a recording of the cemetery service edited on a video, delivered electronically*  

Cost €550


The diamond package includes the contents of the gold package and includes a recording of the removal from home, edited on a video, delivered electronically*  

Cost €700

*Outdoor recording/streaming is dependent on funeral day conditions.