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All events we live stream or produce have the option of being made available to your viewers on a pay per view basis.

Why use Pay Per View
The main reason to use a Pay Per View (PPV) model for your event is to offer your event to customers who otherwise would not be able to attend, while not reducing paid attendance at the gate. For example, an elderly person that has their mobility constraint or people living outside the country may wish to attend a sporting event or play. While every organisation would like to facilitate these people being able to watch a live stream, if this live stream did not involve a cover charge similar to what was being charged at the gate or box office, then it is likely more or your potential customers would stay at home at watch for free.

While many use cases, exist for free live streaming, we offer the facility of broadcasting your event on a PPV basis.

What is involved?

From the client’s perspective all you need to do is inform us how much you wish to charge for access to your event. We provide and manage the payment infrastructure.

How much does it cost?
The cost of selling each PPV ticket is 2.9% of the transaction amount, plus €0.36 (36 cents). An example of how applies to an event being sold for €10.00 would have processing costs of 2.9% (29 cents), plus 36 cents, which comes to 65 cents costs per sale, returning €9.35 to your organisation.      

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