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MMCStreaming offer multiple and customisable sport streaming packages to cover the entire spectrum of requirements. Or base package consists a single streaming camera with microphones (allowing commentary by commentator(s) provided by the client), and scoreboard

Depending on your particular needs, we offer add-on options to our base package, details of which are outlined below.  

-Deluxe Graphics Package: This includes a customisable scoreboard containing the colors of teams playing, along with introduction graphics, team sheet graphics, and half time/full time holding page graphics. 

-Sponsorship Advertisement package (Standard): We will produce and edit advertisements, 20-30 seconds in duration, with footage supplied to MMCStreaming, which will be played before, before, during, and after the event 

- Pay Per View: MMCStreaming can host a pay per view event behind a pay wall and process payment for same from customers. This has proven to be a popular way to supplement, not replace, game day game receipts while allowing fans who cannot attend to view the event

-Sponsorship Advertisement package (Deluxe): We will shoot and advertisement for a club sponsor or stakeholder for inclusion in to be played  before, during, and after the event 

-Additional Cameras: These can be placed at various points around the venue, to switch from wide to close up shots of live play, and/or to allow talent, such as commentators, to have a dedicated camera for audience engagement. 

-Interviews: We will include pre-recorded interviews with players and team management before the event. These interviews are recorded by the team on smartphones and sent to MMCStreaming. 

-Interviews Deluxe: We will include pre-recorded interviews with players and team management before the event. These interviews are  recorded MMCStreaming with supplied lighting and audio solutions. 

- In Game Replays: In game replays for key event such as scores, tackles, and other events. 

- Out of Game Replays: Replays of key events to be shown at the half time interval and again to close out the live stream. 

- Half time analysis footage for discussion (Analysist to be provided by client)

- Post Match Interviews: Post match live interviews with players and management from one or both teams. 

Please contact so we can provide you with quote based on your organisations unique requirements. 

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