Wedding Service Packages

MMCStreaming provide both live streaming and video recording of wedding services.

At MMCStreaming, we have extensive experience in supplying streaming services for a multitude of church based services. We are currently expanding our service offering to include production of wedding videos/short films. As part of this expansion, we will be offering a steep discount to our initial clients.

Wedding Service Video/Short Film Packages

We offer a wide range of customisable packages to cater for a wide variety of client needs

Bronze Package 

We recognise that many couples are unsure if they should invest in a wedding video or not. Our bronze package has been primarily developed to cater for this client. The package offers a high quality recording of all key parts of the day. 

This includes a single person team and camera. Footage of before the ceremony, the entire wedding ceremony, interactions after the ceremony including the recording of photographs being taken by the photographer, and arrival at the reception venue. Recording will then stop and will resume to include the first dance and 2-3 dances after, provided they are completed by 10p.m

Introductory Price: €500  


Includes the contents of the Bronze package plus footage of the bridal party getting ready on wedding morning.  

Cost €650


Includes the contents of the silver package plus extended wedding until 12:00am

Cost €800

Wedding Live Stream Packages

Wedding streaming packages are popular with couples who have close family members and friends who cannot attend their big day for health or other reasons.  


This includes the live streaming of the just before the wedding service, the wedding service itself, and the immediate excitement after the wedding service, delivered from a single camera.    

Cost €200


This includes the contents of the bronze package but delivered from two cameras allowing for more complete coverage. 

Cost €275


The gold package includes the contents of the silver package with footage recorded from the bride or groom getting ready streamed just before the beginning of the wedding ceremony 

Cost €400 


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