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Live Streaming

Live streaming services provided to all leading social media platforms for all types of events, whether sporting, community, or private. We offer a range of packages from a single professional camera based productions, to productions several live cameras, with graphics integrated and prerecorded video

We stream to all leading social media sites for free public consumption and can also provide a paid streaming service where a clients customers can rent or purchase a video production or live stream. 


In the current Covid-19 climate, many clients wish to have events live streamed. While this is not always possible, due to the absence of a suitable and reliable Internet connection onsite, recording and event is not only a viable solution, but also offers several advantage over live streaming, such as higher quality video production and better quality editing. Generally, a crew of one or two videographers will produce a video to a quality that would take a crew of 4-5 to produce for live stream. For time sensitive events, such as funerals, we always have the finished video delivered to our client within 24 hours.

Family Events

Increasingly family milestone celebrations such as christenings, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc, are being either live streamed or recorded to enable close friends or family members who cannot attend to fell included in the occasion

Community Events

Many communities want to live stream or record their important annual event such as a village fair in autumn, or the turning on of Christmas lights or the arrival of Santa during the winter. We cover these events with a bespoke solution best suiting the size and scale of the individual event.

Promotional Videos

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Since founding my business, I’ve provided my clients with a wide range of services. To find out more book this service or get in touch.

Funeral Services

We specialise in the live streaming and especially the recording of funeral services. We understand that the death of a loved one can be a major trauma and our experience has been that a carefully edited video documenting the funeral service beings considerable comfort to immediate family in the subsequent weeks and months. If our client chooses to have a funeral recorded we will have the completed recording delivered to them within 24 hours.


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