Live Streaming  Christenings/Baptism

Why Stream A Christening?

With the onset of restrictions imposed by Covid-19, the number of family members and friends who celebrate a new born child's Christening/Baptism in person is extremely limited. 

To help lessen the impact of these restrictions on such important family milestones, many families are now live streaming their Christening/Baptism ceremonies. 

The livestreaming of these ceremonies has also allowed family members, who, in many cases, have been house bound due to illness for several years, to feel involved in a family event again. 

All streams are broadcast using multiple cameras, making sure that all the smiles and cries are captured! 




Full streaming of the Christening/Baptism ceremony using multiple cameras. Coverage will include the minutes both before and after (including photographs), allowing family members/friends tuning to take it the atmosphere and experience the sense of occasion. 

Cost: €150


This includes the contents of the Bronze package plus an edited film of the day delivered on memory stick or electronically. 

Cost: €200

This includes the contents of the Silver package plus a recording for inclusion into the edited film of any after celebrations. 

Cost €400


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