Our Bio

Michael and Maria Carty. We are husband and wife team whom, over time, have developed a passion for live stream and video by the sense of relief and soothing we work some of our works gave to both individuals and the wider community. Example of this were loved ones able to virtually attend loved ones funerals during Covid lockdown, or editing funeral services. Also daily recording of mass services for the local community, along with live streaming and video packages of sporting events

Michael has has worked in ICT for over 20 years and hold a BSc in computers science and an MSc in Management of operations, Michael previously held positions of ICT network manager and head of ICT for a Dublin hospital. Michael looks after all technical operations of MMCStreaming. 

Maria is a qualified French and Irish teacher and has a aptitude for the creative side. Marias manages and produces all supplementary material for live streams, controls all output for live streams, edits all recordings in post production. 

For larger productions, we have a team of contractors and partners we work with to deliver our clients requirements.   


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